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American Indian
Washington, D.C.

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*Winner of the 2012 "Best Casual Dining Restaurant" By RAMW 

*Zagat Rated

*Featured in Gluten Free Dining

*Condé Nast Traveler "Best Museum Restaurants & Cafes"

*USA Today Article
"10 Best Foodie Spots in Washington, DC"

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Here is what people are saying!

"The aqua frescas are amazing, I have yet to have a dish that didn't cause me to say "oh wow!" after taking a bite. I could eat the fry bread"

"Their menu changes seasonally, so be aware you won't always find your favorite item from last visit."

"Best place to eat on the Mall. Hands down."

"Go here. If you're a vegetarian, and even if you're not go here. It's inside the American Indian Museum which is unexpected but welcoming. It allows you the chance to experience five different regions of food, and you're not limited to choosing the one. The honey green beans were spicy but Soooo good, and the Chipotle chicken taco was awesome. My sister had a sampler of sides which was the first time I'd seen her truly clear her plate."

"Let's talk food.  The 'main dishes' are mostly meat, so I can't say much about them.  But the side dishes and soups are a dizzying array of tasty delights. "

"This is one of the best places (for vegetarians) to eat at on the mall. Everything is labeled if it's vegetarian, so that eliminates any guesswork"

Mitsitam Native Foods Café | 4th St & Independence Ave SW

Conde Naste Travler
"Best Museum Restaurants & Cafes"

Winner of the "Best Casual Dining Restaurant" at the Rammy's 2012