Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe Menu & Hours

The Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe features indigenous food from the Western Hemisphere. Each menu reflects the food and cooking techniques from the region featured.

Menus are changed with each season to reflect the bounties of that area.

Looking for a unique dining experience? Take a look at our Mitsitam Chef’s Table Tasting. Have the Mitsitam Chefs serve you and explain our interpretations of native foods! It’s great food and an educational experience everyone will enjoy! – Chefs Tasting Info

The Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe is located inside the National Museum of the American Indian on the main level.

Hours of Operation:

Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe
Open Daily 11 am-5 pm In Season
Reduced Hours (off season) depending on visitation

Mitsitam Espresso Bar
Open 10 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday
9 am to 5 pm Week Days


*Menu and prices are subject to change


Chilled Cucumber spicy green apple relish  
Chilled Corn And Heirloom Tomatoes heirloom tomato salad  

Main Dishes

Maple Brined Turkey tomato and red onion jam  


Maple Brined Turkey with 2 sides  



New England Lobster Roll   


New England Lobster Roll with 2 sides  


Hot Side Dishes

Roasted Kohlrabi green apple, cider reduction  
Stewed Black Eyed Peas wild bay leaves, zucchini  

Cold Side Dishes

Wild Rice And Watercress Salad   


Pickled Peach charred red onions, white wine vinaigrette  


Corn Bread   



Strawberry rhubarb pudding, vanilla cream  


Strawberry Tarts   


Blueberry Tarts   


Blackberry Tarts   


Apple Crumble with sweet nuts and grains  



Smoked Turkey & Kale turkey chicorons garnish  
Chilled Avocado & Crab Soup   

Plato Principales

Bolivian Style Chili Braised Pork Shanks   


Bolivian Style Chili Braised Pork Shanks with 2 sides  


Phuti Chuno De Carne Picante freeze dried potatoes with spicy beef  


Phuti Chuno De Carne Picante with 2 sides  


Platos Caliente Secundarios

Phuti Chuno   


Roasted Green Papaya tamarillo  


Specialty Ceviche   


Octopus Salad   


Platos Frios Secundarios

Ensaladade Palmitos hearts of palm salad, fresh mozzarella and tomatoes, white wine vinaigrette  


Platos Frios Secundarios

Quesosy Embutidos cheese & charcuterie. assorted spanish cheeses and cured meats, served with quince paste, tree honey and assorted breads  

(1pc) 7.00

(5pcs) 25.95

(3pcs) 17.95

Agua Fresca seasonal  



Boniato candied bacon empanada, pineapple puree  


Blue Corn Bread   



Hot Smoked White Fish wild onion confit, corn relish  


Main Dishes

Cedar Planked Wild Salmon olive tapenade  


Cedar Planked Wild Salmon with 2 sides  


Grilled Bison Loin caramelized strawberries  


Grilled Bison Loin with 2 sides  


Hot Side Dishes $3.59

Sautéed Swiss Chard roasted garlic confit, white onions  
Roasted Wild Mushrooms smoked potatoes, fresh herbs  

Cold Side Dishes $3.59

Grilled Asparagus And Roasted Salsify   
Wild Rice & Watercress Salad apple cider vinaigrette  

Value Meal

Five Region Sampler Platter grilled bison striploin, cedar planked salmon, 3 regional side dishes  



Grilled Peach Shortcake port wine sauce, vanilla cream, cornmeal biscuits  


Dried Cherry mesquite cookies  


Dried Fruit Bread Pudding   



Fourmini Tacos crudito, guacamole  


Main Dishes

Roasted Portobello Mushroom And Summer Squash Tostada   


Roasted Portobello Mushroom And Summer Squash Tostada with 2 sides  



Yellow Corn Or Soft Flour Tortillas summer goat, plantain & poblano salsa chicken, prickly pear mole  

(2 ea) 9.65

Yellow Corn Or Soft Flour Tortillas with 2 sides  



Blue red and yellow corn chips & salsa  


Blue red and yellow corn chips with guacamole  


Blue, Red And Yellow Corn Chips With Carne summer goat, plantain & poblano salsa chicken, prickly pear mole  


Side Dishes $3.59

Grilled Nopales spiced green beans, lime butter  
Butter Bean grilled chayote squash  

Salsa And Guacamole

Romesco Salsa   


Grilled Plum & Ancho Chili   


Coconut & Fresno Chili   


Cotija Cheese   


Sour Cream   




Sweets $5.25

Steamed Banana Cake Wrapped In Banana Leaves blackberry sauce  
Orange Cake   

Great Plains

Buffalo Chili   

cup 5.79

bowl 6.95

Main Dishes $12.50

Indian Taco buffalo chili on fry bread with pickled chiles & pinto beans, lettuce, tomato and shredded cheese  
Chipotle Chicken Taco grilled chipotle chicken, fry bread, lettuce, tomato and shredded cheese  

Burgers And Sandwiches

Campfire Buffalo Burger served with green chilies  


Campfire Buffalo Burger served with cheese  


House Ground Buffalo And Duck Burger (cooked a la carte with chili spiced fries) roasted pepper dijonaise, smoked tomatoes, aged cheddar cheese  


Pulled Buffalo Sandwich w/ chayote squash slaw on whole wheat kaiser roll  


Pulled Buffalo Sandwich with chile spiced fries  



Free Range Elk Burger house ground turkey burger, free range buffalo & duck burger  


Free Range Elk Burger with chili spiced fries  


Chicken Tenders with fries  


Hot Side Dishes

Chile Spiced Fries   


Buffalo Chili & Cheese Fries   


Fry Bread   


Cinnamon And Honey   


Blue Berry Wajapia   


Cold Side Dishes $3.59

Heirloom Watermelon & Tomato Salad roasted jalapenos, charred onions  
Grilled Asparagus And Roasted Salsify   

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